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Sandler Management Solutions

For Strategic Sales Leadership

Turning Sales Managers Into Powerful Leaders

At Sandler Training we know that sales leaders require more than better selling skills and an executive presence. They need targeted education on how to guide their team to higher performance. “Sandler Management Solutions” is different from other programs in the industry because we have a different view of sales management. We believe:

1) Business owners and sales managers are the key agents for change with a sales team. If you want to improve sales performance or change strategic direction, your success depends on capable and committed sales management. Without strong sales coaching and guidance, salespeople will tend to stay the course. With potent sales management, anything is possible with a sales team.

2) Different sales functions require different types of management. Not all sales functions are identical, and the same is true of their managers. Depending on the type of role a sales manager oversees (consultative, transactional, relationship, etc.), the tasks of the managers will differ accordingly.

3) Managers need unique skills based on their own tasks. Traditional sales management training has focused on generic coaching or leadership skills. However, managers don’t have generic jobs. A manager’s training should enable one to effectively execute the management tasks that are relevant to their specific role, and their particular people.

4) Coaching must effectively address specific selling tasks. The few coaching programs out there help managers have better discussions with their salespeople. But, management is not about discussions, it’s about making others better at critical selling activities. Sales coaching should improve specific salesperson behaviors like making prospecting calls. Otherwise, it’s just conversation.

5) Sales management training has a higher ROI than salesperson training. Most all sales training is targeted at front-line salespeople, not sales managers. We believe it should be the other way around. Train one salesperson and you’ve improved one salesperson… Train one sales manager and you’ve improved the entire team.

Vision Plus Leadership... The Sum Equals Success!

“Sandler Management Solutions” offers you comprehensive instruction and support as well as the expertise and philosophy that have made “Sandler Management Solutions” the most powerful sales leadership system on the market today. “Sandler Management Solutions” was developed using adult learning methodologies, the most advanced approach to professional training. You'll experience a participatory, rather than a passive, training format to facilitate true learning and comprehension. Below are some of the modules in the program.

  • Setting Team Goals
  • Managing Your Team Members' Sales Plans and Goals
  • High Impact Strategies For Motivating
  • The Four Leadership Roles of Management
  • Leadership Roles - Supervision
  • Conducting Powerful Performance Evaluations and Activity Reviews
  • Creating Processes For Accountability
  • Understanding Your People - Management Application of I/R Model
  • Understanding Your People - DISC and Communicating
  • Managing Different Personalities
  • Recruiting and Hiring - The "SEARCH" Model
  • Recruiting and Hiring - Redefining The "Ideal" Candidate for YOUR Team
  • Recruiting and Hiring - Getting the "Ideal" Candidate To Your Doorstep
  • Recruiting and Hiring - Job Ads & Developing Potent Interviewing Questions
  • Recruiting and Hiring - Interviewing and Decision Making
  • Upgrading Your On-Boarding Process for Faster Results
  • Creating Your Company’s Sales Playbook
  • Managing The "Crucial Elements" of Sales Success For Your Team
  • Creating Your Management Success Plan for the Upcoming Year
  • Maximizing Your Personal Management Performance
  • Time Management & Delegation
  • Leadership Roles - Coaching Strategies
  • Processes for "Strategic" and "Tactical" Coaching
  • Sales Templating & Debriefing
  • Leadership Roles - Mentoring & Training
  • Forecasting and Managing The Sales Pipeline
  • Managing The Competition
  • Managing Customer Satisfaction and Building Loyalty
  • Staging and Conducting Powerful and Inspiring Team Meetings
  • Managing The "Dominant Sales Weaknesses"
  • Leadership Roles - Managing Conflict
  • Managing Negotiations With Your Team
  • Supervising Territory/Account Management

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