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Self Development

Most of David Sandler’s famous rules for selling are fairly easy to get your head around, once you understand the basic idea they are built on. But there is one Sandler Selling Rule that makes a lot of salespeople uncomfortable. It may be the hardest selling rule of all for sales professionals to accept and implement...

Most everyone knows the importance of defining their goals, but very few actually take the time to determine precisely what they wish to achieve, and then build a plan to accomplish just that.

If you lose a big sale, have a bad month, or don't make quota, what is your typical first response?

Each time you entertain a negative thought about your ability to achieve a goal, solve a problem, or deal with any situation, you’re poisoning your own well - filling your subconscious with negative unproductive thoughts that it eventually accepts as FACTS, despite the lack of any evidence as such.

Your mindset has more to do with your success than almost any other single element. There are plenty of selling professionals who possess extensive product knowledge, have numerous influential business contacts, are well-spoken, and have appealing personalities. Yet, their sale performances are average… sometimes, only marginally acceptable.