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Once again with a new year, there’s all the buzz about setting goals. Most everyone agrees that defining professional and personal goals is important, but very few actually take the time to determine precisely what they wish to achieve, and then build a plan to accomplish just that. I'm not talking about quotas or objectives handed down to you by management, because after all that's their goals, not yours! And what they've given you is probably less than what you're capable of achieving anyway.

I believe that while most understand the value in establishing clear goals, many avoid doing this because of the lack of emotional incentive to do so. Now’s the time to document your goals and create your success plan for 2020. Here are some overlooked reasons why I believe you must set goals now:

1. They force you to define your value system.
2. They force you to set priorities.
3. They identify a track for you to follow.
4. They help you manage your behavior.
5. They help you identify your strengths & weaknesses.
6. They improve your self-esteem.
7. They get you to focus your energy.
8. They motivate you.
9. They make you stretch.
10. And perhaps more than anything else, they will make you a winner!

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