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It’s that time of year! In the coming days, selling professionals will be hearing some of the most dreaded words from prospects. Yet, most will readily agree to call back, and then invest valuable time in the new year chasing these decision makers, when they already know the outcome of their efforts.

“Call me after the holidays,” is not an objection. It’s worse - it’s a stall. And most of these prospects are hoping they’ll never hear from you again!

Here’s the reality: If prospects have no interest now, nothing is changing in the next couple of weeks. Very, very few (did I say very?) of these may actually have some interest in speaking in the near future, and these you should attempt to identify, while removing the rest from your list. So consider these alternative responses that can help you determine what’s really going on.

(Here’s one that gently places the pressure on the prospect, and their response will immediately qualify/disqualify them.)
“I’m happy to do so, but (slight pause), I find that when others ask that, they actually fall into two groups. First, there are those that are trying to be nice guys and don’t want to be rude, and then there are those who have a genuine interest, and want a call back. So if you’re in the first group, please be candid – I’m okay. If you really have interest, can we just schedule a specific time now for January, and then I won’t have to track you down.”

(Here’s another that is a more direct, abbreviated version of the one above. If you’re familiar with the DISC model, it’s for the high “D.” Again, their response will immediately qualify/disqualify them.)
“Then when on January 2nd or 3rd, do you have 15 to 20 minutes, for us to schedule a call?”

(Or, here’s one of my favorites. If they don’t agree with this, you know they're a “dud.”)
“Would you be okay if I just quickly ask you a couple of questions, and then together we can decide if I should even call you back?”
(Obviously you need to be prepared with some strong qualifying questions here.)

(Here’s one that’s humorous and can lighten things up, while also being potent!)
“So many people have asked me to call back then that I’m probably not going to be available until March 15th. I am however willing to try to squeeze you in. So what is a good day and time for the first week of January?”

(If you have managed to extract some compelling reasons from the prospect about why they need to consider a product/service such as yours, this one will serve you well.)
“Yes, I can call you back after the holidays, but can I ask you one final question? (they will always agree) Certainly at this point I don’t know if we can help you, or not. But if we can, would you really want to wait until then to find out if we can help?”

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