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Professional Achievement Group, Inc. | Rockville, MD


About Professional Achievement Group, Inc. & Sandler Training

Dedicated to your success

Professional Achievement Group, Inc.

Since 1996, Professional Achievement Group Inc. (PAGI) has provided sales force development and management consulting services to effectively grow people and companies. We align ourselves with our clients in a partnership for success. Together, we assess their unique needs and develop a plan to grow them and their bottom line. But there are no quick fixes?

Help clients recognize perceptions about sales

Our Mission

Our mission is not about teaching "power phrases", "one liners" or "can't fail closes". While strategies and tactics are important, we believe that helping our clients recognize their perceptions and attitudes about sales, themselves, prospects and their behaviors is of equal or greater importance.

Incremental, On-going growth & development

Our Approach

Our approach is to help clients develop, implement and become comfortable with new beliefs about selling, consistent behaviors, and no-nonsense techniques which level the playing field with prospects. We don't offer "quick-fix", impact training that fades away. We believe that one's full potential can be recognized only through gradual, incremental, on-going growth and development through consistent reinforcement training and coaching.